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Marrekrite - Friesland

Friesland lake district offering wide open water and small canals for kayaking and places for simple camping

Marrekrite – Friesland

A three day kayaking and camping trip in the Friesland lake district (Approximately 10km, 26 km and 30km).

Started in the Passantenhaven of Joure with restroom, showers and nearby restaurant.

We choose for primitive, self-sufficient camping bringing food and water, but there are enough commercial opportunities for camping along the route.

On the larger bodies of water be aware of wind conditions and waves. Adapt travel plans when needed.

The Prinses Magriet canal crosses the area and you may encounter large container ships. Do not underestimate the speed of these ships. Assume that those vessels will not notice smaller boats. It’s nearly impossible for them to change course, adjust speed or stop.